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Office Hours


  • Generally, I am available for appointments Tuesday through Saturday. (Saturday hours are 8:00 - Noon.)
  • I normally begin at 8:00AM - my last appointment is scheduled at 5:00PM; ending near 6:00.
  • For early-birds, I can schedule appointments at 7:00AM. The 7:00 time is scheduled by special request.
  • Some hours are prescheduled by those who have arranged "standing appointments". Standing appointments allow those patients a known regular time for their appointment. If you want to arrange a standing appointment, let me know when we speak.
  • Usually appointments last approximately 50 minutes - allowing 10 minutes for required documentation.
  • Longer appointments can be scheduled but insurance only pays for one 50 minute appointment per day.
  • Additional time is prorated in half-hour increments based on my normal and customary fee.
  • On rare accasion, I am out of the office to acomodate holidays, continuing education and out-of-town consulting.

Please call me if you have any questions.